Mission Statement

Fair Haven provides homes that nurture community and quality of life for seniors.


We believe in enriching the lives of the Fair Haven community by providing a safe, secure, respectful, inclusive and person-centred environment



We believe in the unique dignity and worth of each individual.


We believe in working together, collaboratively, involving residents, tenants, families, staff and volunteers in decisions.


We appreciate the commitment and dedication of our staff, family members and volunteers.


We embrace principles that include respect for an individual’s faith, spirituality, culture, sexual identity and gender orientation.

Board of Directors

The Fair Haven Homes Society is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors.


Betty Wong

Vice President

Alishah Daya


Shirley Lam

Members At Large

Sheldon Lau

Gord Sarkissian

Bill Walters

Members At Large

Hik Park

Michael Chen

Members At Large

Jeff Geng

Cyril Lopez

Fair Haven Auxiliary

The Fair Haven Auxiliary is a Not For Profit volunteer support service, the members are dedicated to enriching the comfort and welfare of residents of Fair Haven in Vancouver and Burnaby facilities. Since 1998 the members have been raising and contributing funds for the benefit of the residents; their primary goal is to assist with raising funds, to foster good relations between Fair Haven and the communities, to operate a gift shop in the facility, to assist the Fair Haven’s Board, Residents and Staff as requested.

Vancouver Auxiliary President

Peggy Gomez

Burnaby Auxiliary President

Phyllis Stainton

Leadership Team

For inquiries, please send an email to: info@fairhaven.bc.ca


Chief Executive Officer Joy Parsons 604.433.2939 ext. 107

Executive Assistant Renay Ross 604.433.2939 ext. 106

Human Resources

Human Resources Coordinator Marilyn Spacey 604.433.2939 ext.111

Spiritual Care

Director of Spiritual Care Dawn Purdy Karkut 604.433.2939 ext. 114
604.435.0525 ext. 330


Director of Finance & Administration John Gowan 604.433.2939 ext. 108

Business Services Manager Amy Shum 604.433.2939 ext. 104

Payroll & Benefits Assistant Chloe Choi 604.433.2939 ext. 134

Environmental Services

(Maintenance, Housekeeping, Laundry)

Director of Environmental Services Sonja McMahon 604.433.2939 ext. 105
604.435.0525 ext. 307

Medical Coordinator

Dr. Thomas Wu, Burnaby Lodge
Dr. Lauren Sharma, Vancouver Lodge

Food Services

Director of Food Services Elizabeth Szymczak 604.433.2939 ext. 121
604.435.0525 ext. 305

Dietitian Patti Kean 604.433.2939 ext. 103
604.435.0525 ext. 309

Resident Care - Vancouver

Nurse Manager Loretta Lo 604.433.2939 ext. 112

Nurse Manager Bernardina Deato 604.433.2939 ext. 102

Resident Care - Burnaby

Nurse Manager Leanne Kemp 604.435.0525 ext. 304

Nurse Manager Susanna Yu 604.435.0525 ext. 320

Recreation and Volunteers

Director of Therapeutic Recreation and Volunteer Services Normeo Chung 604.433.2939 ext. 110
604.435.0525 ext. 312

Our History

Fair Haven has a long history of meeting the needs of seniors and individuals with limited resources and incomes.
In the 1940s, Reverend Hugh Dobson, the Associate Secretary of the Board of Evangelism and Social Service of the United Church in British Columbia, had a concern about the elderly citizens in the community and the conditions under which they lived. Dr. Dobson constantly pointed out the Church’s responsibility in helping relieve this situation.
The Canadian Memorial United Church Women’s Association also saw a similar need and asked for a ‘Home for Elderly Ladies’, and the Lay Association asked for ‘Retired Church Workers’ to be considered for housing. With the support and participation of many, The Fair Haven United Church Homes proceeded and the work began.

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