Family Council Minutes


Chair:  Joy Parsons 
Present: Peter, Elaine, Ann, Sue, Jacquie
Regrets: Ben Singh
Guest:  Rob Innis (Board Member), Barb Howard (Tena Rep)


2. Guest Speaker – Barb Howard. 
Barb provided a very informative presentation on the use and effectiveness of incontinence products. Highlights of the presentation included:
• Interactive discussion on the quality of materials used, emphasizing the breathability of product and absorbency of product.
• Barb noted the product is designed to move liquid away from the skin for comfort and optimal skin care.
• It was noted that products come in many different shapes and sizes designed to accommodate different body types.
• It was emphasized that the product is designed to hold considerable output and it is NOT designed for one-time use. There are indicators on the product that identify when the product should be changed.

3.  Actions Arising
3.1 Update on past family council suggestions:
• The website now has information for families including activity calendar, family handbook and will soon have the menu.
• Food Services will be developing a way to trial the addition of congee in Vancouver.                                                                                                                                       

3. CEO Report
3.1 Regular Updates:
3.1.1 Construction at Burnaby:
• The 2nd-floor renovation is complete; there will be sample new furniture for staff and family to provide input for selection.
• Elevator renovation of the 1st elevator is complete; the second elevator is underway.
3.1.2 Staff Changes:
•  All staff rotation changes have now been implemente.

3.1.3  Family Council Education Sessions:
• Nov guest speaker topic related to “Goal of Care” conversations has not yet confirmed.

3.3 Accreditation Update:
•  Families are invited to attend the interactive session with Accreditation Canada Surveyors on Wed Nov 14, in Burnaby at 2:30 pm. 

3.4  Update of Flu Season:
• Families are reminded of the importance of getting a flu vaccine and if they choose not to have received the vaccine families will be asked to wear a mask when on site during flu season.

4. New Business
4.1  Christmas Light up a Life event:
•  Will be held the first week of Dec.
• Staff is looking for volunteers to assist with set up of lights.

4.2  General Discussion about Activities for Staff:
•  Question about food and overall resident satisfaction with food.

•  Add the minutes of family council meetings to the website for families to reference.

Next Meeting of the Fair Haven Family Council will take place on Thursday, Nov 15, 2018, in Burnaby.